Our mission

Fair health care

For the right care and rehabilitation in the shortest time possible. A correct diagnosis is a important factor in the healing process and to avoid similar or the same injury later on in life.


To get an X-Ray or MRI assessment can be a time consuming process. We want our patients to start the healing process as soon as possible and have therefore developed our solution for objective assessment at the first step in care chain.


For an equal care we provide a solution that is easy to use and access for health care providers. The high accessibility gives our solution possibility to help many patients.​



Learn more about our solutions for veterinarians.

Master Thesis presentation

Our master thesis shows an accuracy of 88 % when classifying CCL injury in dogs. - 01 June 2022

Yesterday we presented our master thesis in Biomedical Engineering at Chalmers tekniska högskola! The last year we have been working with adding AI to the Kneedly method. By evaluating the meth...

Top 103 innovative company

Top 103 innovative company

Kneedly is on this year's list among 103 innovative companies driven by young entrepreneurs presented by Företagarna!

Press release!

Press release!

Read about us at Chalmers ventures latest press release!

Master Thesis

Master Thesis

Master Thesis Artificial intelligence for diagnosing knee ligament injuries from damage maps of the knee joint

Meet our team

The Kneedly team together constitutes a solid knowledge in healthcare and technology. Together we have both experience and curiosity with the same goal of providing a better care for all patients.

Linn Söderholm


Student at Chalmers University of Technology MSc Biomedical Engieering.

Always a new idea on how to improve our projects.

Elite athlete.

Alice Nilsson


Student at Chalmers University of Technology MSc Biomedical Engineering.

Always an insight in how ideas should be made reality.


Eric Hamrin Senorski

Deputy member of the board

Physical Therapist and Associate Professor of Physical Therapy.

Brings the user and clinical perspective.

Kristian Samuelsson

Deputy member of the board

Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery.

Brings senior expertise and medical perspective.

Martin Fagerström

Member of the board

Professor in Solid Mechanics at Chalmers University of Technology.

Brings the (bio)mechanical perspective.

Our parners

Here are some of the organizations that have provided Kneedly with early support and have belived in our mission of providing better healthcare.

Chalmers Innovation Office
Chalmers Ventures
HealthTech Nordic


Gothenburg, Sweden