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We are currently preparing for a clinical trial to further evaluate the certainty and user requirements of our method.

The product

We provide new technology using software for an objective assessment of knee ligament injuries. Our solution is a mobile app that give instant feedback on video recordings of clinical standard assessments (such as Lachman, anterior drawer test and valgus and varus stress test) for an in-depth diagnostic of the knee ligaments. This is an image of a prototype of our product. The image shows the analysis of a patients healthy and injured knee which have been analyzed using our software. The colormaps indicates that there have been more movements in the right knee and this patient have an anterior cruciate ligament injury on the right knee.

The technology

The technology uses image processing to identify eventual supraphysiological movements in the knee joint for detecting possible rupture of knee ligaments. Our patent pending, unique solution is to make video recordings of the standard clinical assessment. The software analyses the videos and provides a measurement and pattern of movement in the joint. Abnormal movements correlate with anterior cruciate ligament ruptures. Both knees are examined and filmed to enable possible identification supraphysiological movements while taking individual differences into account. Recording is done with a mobile camera in the app to make the technology easy to access.

The goal

Our goal is providing the care givers with an accessible tool to make fair care to all patients a possibility. By using our solution, we hope to enable easier communication about the injury condition both between care givers but also toward the patient. The possibility of following up the injury during a rehabilitation process or thought rehabilitation before and after a reconstruction can now be monitored with measurable approach.

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