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We are currently planning to start more testing to further evaluate how to adjust our method to benefit diagnostics. So far, we have done a handful of promising tests and are now looking forward to further evaluate the certainty and user requirements.

The product

We provide new technology using software for an objective assessment of cruciate ligament in dogs. Our solution is a mobile app that give instant feedback on the anterior drawer test performed for diagnostics of the knee ligament. This is an image provided by our software the illustrates movement in a healthy and an injured knee. The color scale is based on underlying movement measurements, more red color illustrates more movement. This image illustrates a dog with a rupture on the left knee.

The technology

Our solution identifies eventual supraphysiological movements in the knee joint for detecting possible rupture on the anterior cruciate ligament. Our patent pending, unique solution is to make video recordings of the standard clinical assessment. The software analyses the videos and provides a measurement and pattern of movement in the joint. Abnormal movements correlate with anterior cruciate ligament ruptures. Both knees are examined and filmed to enable possible identification supraphysiological movements while taking individual differences into account. Recording is done with a mobile camera in the app to make the technology easy to access. The fur must be shaved for the software to be able to follow the movement in the joint.

The goal

Our goal is to be able to identify total as well as partial ruptures. By providing an in-depth analysis our hope is to simplify setting a diagnose as well as facilitate better communication between veterinarians and towards pet owners.

Reach out!

By the end of 2021 we are planning to have a prototype ready for further testing of the concept. If you are interested in trying out our prototype, please reach out and be a part of our journey. Contact us at and we will provide you with more information.


Gothenburg, Sweden